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Precautionary Measures taken for COVID-19

March 16 – Please note we have an update in response to this post. Please see update here:
March 13 – In light of increasing concerns over transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to advise on the precautionary measures that we are taking at Manning Park Resort.
We do not have any cases of COVID-19, however, our top priority is to ensure that our guests and staff continue to have a safe environment to work and play. After review and in consultation with our local health inspector, we are immediately implementing increased sanitation practices to do our part to help minimize the spread of this virus.
This includes a more rigorous and frequent sanitizing of common and often used areas in the Resort, Pinewoods, Nordic Centre and Ski area, including surfaces and all washrooms.
The Loon Lagoon will remain open while we take these increased precautions, however, we will not have the sauna, steam room or fitness centre open for Spring Break. The pool and hot tubs remain open.
As is being encouraged by all health authorities, we recommend frequent hand washing and sanitizing and following good respiratory hygiene. For more resources on these practices, please refer to the Government of Canada website.
We have increased the number of hand sanitizing stations around the Resort. Please look for them attached to the walls near the entrances of each building.
We have also encouraged any staff or guests who may be feeling ill to report their symptoms so that appropriate measures can be taken.
Our Spring Break is looking to be a good one, with great snow conditions!
Most of our activities are in an outdoor environment, however, we still encourage best practices for social distancing and keeping conscious while recreating outside.
Conditions have been great on the slopes and trails, and we are nearing 1000 cm of accumulated snowfall this season! It has been a great winter season and we still have more coming! 
At this time, our Spring Break events, such as the Rockstar Rail Jam, Lantern Lit Ski and St. Paddy’s Snowshoe Stomp are not being affected.
We are closely following any updates on the virus, and we will continue to update should there be any changes at Manning Park Resort.
We ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please follow the appropriate measures such as reporting your symptoms to the health authorities and staying at home. We will work with our guests to reschedule any accommodation or lesson reservations.
If you have any concerns about your accommodation, Manning Park Resort, or concerns about travelling, please contact our Front Desk at 604-668-5922. 
Thank you for the ongoing support and see you on the slopes this Spring Break!

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  1. Hi, Can you please update your Covid -19 message , to reflect what your now planning this week as some mountains in the interior have closed today and some in a few days, so that we can make informed decisions to come up or not. Thank you.

  2. I’m surprised You are not closing, whistler, cypress, and Sun Peaks are all closing as of today! Ruth

  3. I am happy to see you are open and following precautionary measures. ☺️. People need a place to go during spring break and outdoor skiing is about as isolated as you can get. If the situation gets progressively worse in BC then I am sure you will update as necessary!

    • Thank you, and yes, we are closely watching updates and will endeavour to keep Manning Park an open and safe place for our guests and staff!

  4. The “click here” link at the top of each of your web pages does not direct to this page but instead goes to a 404. I had to use the search feature to find your covid-19 precautions. (This is on my cell phone, might be different from access on a computer?)

    • Thanks for the heads up! It is now corrected.

  5. Can you please provide an updated Covid-19 response as of March 16th after Prime Minister Trudeau’s press conference. Will you provide refunds or credits for those who have bookings in March that wish to cancel?

  6. Thank you for the update

  7. Thank you for not closing, with a proper cleaning the caniton the mountains looks like a much safer space than out city home.

  8. Thanks for taking those precautionary measures. Could you also tell us whether there will be any special arrangement with the restaurants and food supplies in the resort?

  9. I’m ok with the ski resort not closing. We’re
    checking in this weekend March 20-22 for stay and ski. We also need to be well-informed on Covid19 precautionary measures. I trust that the resort will do its best to sanitize every facility vigorously and us guests should also make sure we follow them (social distancing and washing hands frequently).

  10. I’m ok with you not closing, coming on March 20-22 for stay and ski. I trust that the ski resort will do its best to sanitize every facility they have according to the Covid19 precautionary measures. We as guests should also make sure we follow them ( social distancing and frequent hand washing).

  11. We are due to visit for two nights starting tomorrow and are really looking forward to getting out in the fresh air. We have to pack for four young people tonight. I really hope that you update this notice board if there is any chance that you are going to close in the immediate future.

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