Stan & Lynn Hussey - Year Round Family Friendly Resort
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Stan & Lynn Hussey

Starting in 1969, Stan and I had seasons passes every year and spent many weekends skiing at @manningpark

On December 15, 1973 we spent the day skiing in a blizzard. He had an engagement ring in his pocket waiting for the right moment?!?!… but the weather was not in his favor. He convinced me to go for one more run on the orange chair and when we disembarked at the top he got down on one knee and proposed. I quickly glanced at the ring as it was blowing freezing snow and quickly put on the ring and my glove before it blew away. On June 21st this year we will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. What a memory that all began in one of our most treasured places.

We now have a cabin in the Eastgate community and bought seniors seasons passes this year so we can accompany our nine (soon to be 11) grandchildren on the hill and continue to share with them the magic of @manningpark

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