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Safe Winter Driving Tips

Transportation Minister Rob Fleming recently announced the Coquihalla Highway will reopen for commercial vehicles, and the essential travel restrictions on Highway #3 will be lifted for the holidays, so we are able to welcome all visitors to Manning Park Resort starting December 22nd! 

With all the recent press about the highways in Southern BC, we definitely have a healthy respect for our mountain roads! It is important to respect the roads and drive carefully, however, we want you to feel confident to drive Highway #3.

If you’re driving, here are a few tips to ensure you get here safely from Click the links to read more.

  1. Prepare yourself for winter driving. (Including planning your route, leaving enough time, checking conditions, and learning winter road skills.)
  2. Prepare your vehicle for winter driving. (Including having winter tires, checking your fluids and wiper blades, packing an emergency kit)
  3. Drive for the conditions. (Maintain a safe following distance, slow down, accelerate and brake slowly, and do not pass unless safe and permitted to do so)

BC Highway #3 requires winter tires from October 1-March 31.

  • The letters “M” and “S”, the minimum legal requirement (mud + snow/all-season tires)
  • The 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol (some manufacturers label with both the mountain snowflake and the M+S symbol)

To learn more about winter tire requirements, see here.

Here’s another great way to safely drive the mountain roads – take the bus! Mountain Man Mike’s offers bus service weekly to Manning Park Resort.


We have an excellent highway crew that works tirelessly in all types of weather to ensure the roads stay safe for you and your family. This involves plowing the roads when it is snowing, or spreading salt or gravel.

If you encounter a road plow, keep your distance until the plow truck pulls over to allow you to pass. And never pass a snowplow on the inside! 

Once you arrive at Manning Park Resort, park the car and relax! We offer a free shuttle bus between the lodge and the ski area, with a stop at Strawberry Flats. The bus runs regularly throughout the day. Check the schedule here.

Want to learn more about winter driving? Visit and take the online quiz to test your winter driving knowledge!

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