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Rhododendrons in Bloom

The wild Pacific rhododendrons are in bloom now at Rhododendron Flats!

Visit them on a 10-minute loop walk through the forest. Lush carpets of moss keep the soil damp during the spring and early summer allowing the moisture loving rhodo to be at its best when it flowers in June.

Rhododendron comes from the Greek word meaning ‘rose tree’ and indeed, the Pacific rhododendron could compete with even the showiest of the hybrid roses. Reaching a sprawling height of up to 8m, it surpasses many of its cultivated cousins.

Because of its rarity, the Pacific Rhododendron is protected by law in BC.

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  1. Is ok to visit with a dog on leash?

    • Yes, as it is within a provincial park, dogs are permitted on a leash, and must be picked up after. Happy trails!

  2. When are the Rhodos in bloom this year 2021?

    • Hi Patricia, they will come into blume in June 🙂

  3. Are they still in bloom? June 25th 2021

    • Hi Shelsey,

      They are just at the tail end of the blooming season, so are starting to drop their petals.

      You should still be able to see a fair amount of flowers.

      (June 28)

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