New RV Park to be built in E.C. Manning Provincial Park - Year Round Family Friendly Resort
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New RV Park to be built in E.C. Manning Provincial Park

*December 2021 Update: Please see more information at Skyview RV Campground

*May 24, 2021 Update: The estimated completion date is Summer 2021.

*August 6th 2020 Update: The RV Campground will be named Skyview Campground

Campgrounds are open for the summer, and a BC Parks initiative is underway to build a new year-round RV park in E.C. Manning Provincial Park, which will feature full 50-amp RV hook-ups. Being one of the first in the provincial park system with these amenities, this Manning Park RV park will be located near 20 Minute Lake, along Gibson Pass Road.

Construction on this project will begin in summer 2020 and will be built with respect to the natural environment as much as possible. The park will have 95 sites on 18 acres of land and be managed by Manning Park Resort. Construction is expected to take all summer, and an estimated completion date is for late this fall.

Manning Park Resort owner, Kevin Demers, says he is “ecstatic” with this new project. “I welcome this exciting new BC Parks project, one of the first with full hook-ups in their system,” he says.

While construction is ongoing this summer, the 20 Minute Lake parking lot will be unavailable, and the existing hiking trail will be relocated to allow continued use this summer.

Coldspring and Mule Deer campgrounds are now open for reservations, and for first come, first serve walk-ins. Lightning Lake campground has now opened and the first loop of Hampton campground is scheduled to open this month. Parts of Hampton will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to an excessive amount of hazard trees.

Manning Park Resort has resumed accommodations, food and boathouse facilities for the summer, with increased COVID-19 precautions. Manning Park Resort is a year-round destination resort surrounded by many recreational activities including hiking, biking and canoeing. With full Resort amenities including a variety of accommodations, restaurant, pub and group facilities, The Resort is nestled in beautiful EC Manning Provincial Park, 45 minutes east of Hope on Highway #3.


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  1. This is wonderful news. We love Manning and we will be booking.

  2. That is awesome news! Congratulations to All it is going to be another wonderful place to RV in BC!?

  3. This is devastating news. Not only will the air quality and the wilderness of the lake be destroyed now but will continue forever. Increasing the traffic at the lake picnic area and trails will be unmanageable . This is not a BC park but a resort ploy.

    • Sorry that you feel that way, Fred! The intention is not to take away from the natural setting, but to instead provide an alternate experience for campers to enjoy the lake and wilderness.

      • we are very grateful for this option…I know it will be well constructed and looked after. we have been camping at Manning for years, now we can enjoy the full services of our rv

  4. Great news. I have ridden my bike around the new campground area the last few years checking out all the survey flags and wondering whether it was really going to happen.

  5. This sounds wonderful. Will there be washroom facilities open at it year round? As a lot of people who camp in the winter do not dewinterize.

    • Yes, it’s our understanding that there will be year-round facilities, including washrooms.

  6. Please put my name on the list when campsite is ready. Thankyou.

    • Hi there, we are not taking reservations for the new RV campground, but if you would like to know when we will, please sign up for our newsletter list here and we’ll let you know:

  7. awful idea. if you want to get the wilderness experience then it’s not in an R.V.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Denise. Although this year-round RV campground may not be the experience that you are looking for, we do have a number of other campgrounds in the park that might be better suited to what you’re looking for!

  8. I think this is a great idea for a 50 amp hook up campground in Manning Park and long overdue. B.C. is behind the times and these amenities are much needed in the province, along with more rest areas and washrooms for travellers. Kudos. Thanks

    • Glad you are excited for it, Carol!

  9. I am so excited, wonderful. Very happy for this initiative

  10. To quote that song..”Pave paradise and put up a parking lot”. There are lots of RV sites in BC, do we really need one in this pristine wilderness? It’s not just the equipment that will be rolling through, but the values of some in the RV crowd…the people who choose to “camp” with 3 flatscreen TV’s. I’m disappointed with this decision.

    • Hi Neil, Thanks for your feedback. The intention is not to take away from the natural setting, but to instead provide an alternate experience for campers to enjoy the lake and wilderness.

  11. Will there still
    Be hook up on the hill as well. Love the ability to stay the weekend and ski in and ski out

    • There will still be the basic hookups at the ski area. Happy camping!

  12. I have been camping at Manning for more than 40 years, done my years of laying on the ground in a tent. Then up grading to a tent trailer and now I have a small used Motorhome. It will be nice to be able to hookup to power and water and still enjoy Manning, there are still lots of wilderness camp sites in the park, I hope these new sites are spaced apart and not Walmart parking lot camping or it is a waste of space. Looking forward to booking a spot. ?

  13. With this pandemic hitting us all, is there an opening date for this new park. Will the sites be reserve able?

    • Hi David! You can sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know! We will be announcing more information soon.

  14. I am thrilled to see this change – seems like a lot of people in here are complaining about it taking away from the wilderness. Frankly, this campground will improve access equity. Getting into a Manning Campground is a feat itself these days, and having more options to give people access to the outdoors is the right way to go. My only question would be whether there will be any improvements to the parking options at the lake, or whether a shuttle service (similar to the winter services) will be implemented? Right now, it is very difficult for day use users to get a spot at the main parking lot, and with the ever increasing popularity of Manning Park I can’t imagine this will slow down any time soon. After twenty years of park facility stagnation, it is thrilling to see Manning leading the way in giving people access to the outdoors.

    • Hi Colin, Thank you for your kind comments – we definitely agree! We are very excited to increase access to Manning Park. We are very aware of the lack of parking at Lightning Lake, but as far as we know, we have had no news from BC Parks whether they plan on upgrading parking facilities. The shuttle you are referring to is privately run by us (Manning Park Resort) as it directly benefits our ski hill operations in the wintertime. Currently, we as the resort don’t have the resources to run a shuttle to the lake in the summertime. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Quick question: I saw on the signs at the site that the sites will have 30 and 50 amp hookups, but will they also have water and/or sewer connections?

    • Hi Henry, Yes! They will have water, sewer, and electricity.

  16. Great News Manning.

    Will the winter camping pass also include Skyview? Also what is the winter camping at the resort going to look like this year with covid, is it going to be like previous years?
    For the people complaining about this change, it’s great for people that want to year around camping available and be able to have power to have heat so you don’t freeze.

    • Hi Marlon, We are so happy you agree.

      The winter camping pass will likely not include SkyView as it is a BC Parks project, and the RV Pass is a Manning Park Resort initiative. But, if that changes we will be sure to let everyone know!

      We are still offering the same great winter camping option at the ski-hill with our RV pass this year, and so far there will be no changes to it.

  17. I am really looking forward to having this new campground operational. I camped at Porteau Cove, Alice Lake, and PacRim (as well as Washington and Oregon parks a few times) and found electrical service very desirable. I have a solar setup for non-serviced sites and not having to bring all that gear to Skyview will be a bonus. Might even be tempted to do a late-fall or spring trip so I’ve subscribed to the newsletter for the latest updates. Are there plans to plow the campground after a snowfall?

    • Hi Larry,

      We are so glad to hear you are looking forward to Skyview’s opening! Yes, the campground will be plowed after snowfall.

  18. Can’t wait!!! First year for an RV and first time in Manning. We love the hiking trail and did lightning lake to Thunder Lake and then 3 brothers. Excellent!!

    Can’t wait to book at the new camp ground.

    When will a campground map be available and when will you start taking reservations?

    Looking forward

    Garry and Wheng

    • Hi Garry,

      Glad you are just as stoked as we are! We will be sure to let everyone know when we have a map, and reservations available.

  19. Good morning, Can we book for next summer ( 2021) Also do you have a map of where this is located in reference to your lodge.

    thank you

    • Hi Sandy, booking is not yet available – and we will be sure to announce when it is available! In reference to the lodge, it is right next to 20-minute lake, on the left-hand side of the road when you are driving up to Lightning Lake.

  20. This is excellent news, as more of these campground’s are needed in our province. For us, it’s been easier to book camping in the USA, so we’ve spent more time there than in BC. I’m assuming that some of these new sites will accommodate larger RV’s ? Looking forward to this addition….

  21. cant wait to see the new campsite, where is it being built? How far from the lodge. Excellent news…

  22. We were so excited to see this new campground in the works. Powered sites will enable us to camp well in the fall. I think this will allow for greater accessibility for all.

  23. When can we book?

  24. I’m excited for this new RV park, we have a trailer and are not awful inconsiderate campers with 3 tv’s – it will be nice to use all our amenities; just think we won’t be taking up a space in the other campgrounds, if we can get in – I’m sure it’ll be very popular.

  25. This is fantastic news! We live in Hope and would love to camp there. For all of you with negative comments….there is plenty of wilderness camping in Manning. There are enhancing not taking anything away! Not everyone is into tenting and some of us prefer an RV experience. Thank you Manning Park!

  26. Fantastic news! Excited to go to Manning to camp a little closer to home. Congratulations!

  27. Fantastic news! My partner and I have been tent camping for years and now have an RV that is our home. We look especially forward to staying in this new sight at winter time and re-living our ski bum days!
    Way to go Manning Park!

  28. It’s been near impossible to book a site at Lightning Lakes- when I did get in mid-week this year, I noticed that most spots had RVs in them. This will be a great option to move the RV crowd to Skyview, where they’ll be able to enjoy the services, and allow more space for tenters. Might also cut down on the use of loud and smelly generators, if RV’ers have a better option. 🙂

  29. I have been visiting Manning for decades. I believe this will be a positive enhancement for Manning….we have a small trailer, and visit Manning several times a year. We have never experienced anyone be it tent or RV campers, who have not respected the quiet times…..there is more noise from the highway 3 than from any campers.

    However, there should also be money spent to improve the trails, many of which need work.

    I am very impressed with the management of the campsites not only in Manning but all the Provincial Parks.

  30. Please put me on your mailing list .
    Thank you Louie

  31. When will the new RV park be open. Will we be able to reserve a spot?

    • Hi Dawn, it is our understanding that the RV Park will open in Summer, 2021 as per the information we have received from BC Parks. In terms of reservations, yes you will be able to reserve a spot 🙂

  32. Well done! We are Seniors who have invested in a small RV. We still like to camp but need the facilities an RV offers. We have enjoyed staying at Manning Park in the past and are pleased to see BC Parks are keeping with the times and the needs of aging campers. We’ll be checking our the new RV site as soon as COVID permits.

  33. I think this is great! We need more campgrounds in BC and with more people enjoying the experience of RVing and camping for the first time this is a much needed newbie! Welcome SkyView Campground!

  34. I could not believe the destruction of 20 min Lake. Where were the deer and bears and the beavers? That lake was the sanctuary of that park. The stillness and quiet allowed for early morning bird watching. There werent bikes or swimming and all of the parking and noise were at Lightning Lake. I walked around the lake early in Sept; taking many photos then stopped and looked at the campground. After 30 years of visiting Manning park, I’ll find a new place to enjoy.

  35. Looking forward to Skyviews opening.
    Will there be pull through sites?

  36. Do we know the approximate rate per night? I can’t seem to find it on the BC Parks website

  37. This is great news! Really looking forward to it!

  38. When will Skyview Campground be opening? For 2021?

  39. Looking forward to booking any idea when this will be available to book?

  40. Would love to know when new RV park will be open. Have camped at Manning Park for decades and looking forward to enjoying your excellent new park

  41. I have gone past Skyview many times in the past year, and each time I looked at the construction project, I hoped to see more trees separating the sites. Not looking like there will be any privacy. Walmart parking as another commenter put it….

    Do you have an artist rendering of what we can expect to see? I believe that many people that are in support are mostly expecting to see something similar to lighting lakes with services. It may be motivational and inspiring to show this, gaining support for the project and put others at ease that are concerned about an ” RV parking lot” style of experience. In either case it would be good to know as people are setting expectations. – Thanks

  43. I know there are quite few people that think this is an awful idea, however as somebody who has been enjoying manning for over 20 years I think it is good idea. I personally saw the devastation of the pine beetle wreaked on manning it was catastrophic. The new campground area was one one of the worst hit areas. There was a very thick woods there until pine Beatles killed almost all of it. It looked like a war zone . A site with electrical etc would be appreciated.

  44. I guess there is still no news regarding the Skyview campground? I drove by it in mid-June and while it still had that “clear-cut” look to the site it seems all the infrastructure is in place now and the shower building completed. Did the recent wildfires stop construction? I am hoping it will be open soon for a little September camping.

  45. Dear Management of Manning Park
    Please give us some light on the Skyview RV
    Park. It’s been a year of delays but just some kind of info would be appreciated

    • Hi, Blake thanks for your question. I have sent you a private message to the email you provided. Thanks!

  46. In Aug 2020 a few posts confirm there will still be basic hookups for RV’s on the hill. Is this correct?

    • Hi Roger, this is incorrect. There will be no hookups for RV’s at the hill.

  47. Are RV’s still welcome to camp overnight in the ski hill parking lot? I hope so. When Skyview was announced they said for people not to worry and they would keep it operational.


    • Hi Derek, RV camping is not permitted at the ski area any longer, however, Skyview Campground is opening soon. We have sent you some information about it to your email. Thanks!

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