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May Operations

Starting on May 14th, E.C. Manning Provincial Park will reopen for day use activities. This means that day use facilities and trails will be open, including Lightning Lake Day Use Area and all road pull-outs within the park. 

No backcountry camping is permitted at this time. All campgrounds will remain closed until June 1st, when they will be reopening (weather permitting). For more information on BC Parks camping reservations, please visit: 

Discover Camping will open for campground reservations starting May 25th, with campgrounds reopening for June 1st. We are working hard to get the campgrounds ready and snow-free by this time!
Operations for the campgrounds, and also for Manning Park Resort will be posted closer to June 1st.
We are currently developing plans with your safety in mind and look forward to when we are ready to welcome you back!

Manning Park Resort is open in May with limited operations in the following departments:

Country Store: Open 10am-4pm Friday-Sundays for basic necessities and grab-and-go sandwiches and snacks. Along with increased sanitation measures, we will also have a greeter at the entrance of the Pinewoods building to help limit the number of people in the building .

The Boathouse: Open for 10am-4pm on Friday-Sundays for canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard and rowboat rentals.

Washrooms: will be available outside the Pinewoods building at the Resort, as well as pit toilets at the day use areas. These will be open 7 days/week starting May 14th.

The Lodge and all accommodations in the park will remain closed at this time. These buildings will be closed and access to them is not permitted.

We are happy to open these operations, and will be taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff and our guests.

Guests are asked to comply with all social distancing measures, and follow provincial and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19. If you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who may be sick, we ask that you stay home. Please help us keep Manning Park a safe place to visit!

For any updates, please see our Hours of Operation page. Thanks and look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. Hello there i would like to inquire regarding reserving the chalet on this dates Aug 1 to 3
    There will be about 16 to 17 people plus to kids age 6 months and the other one is 3 yrs old. Can you check if this dates are available and if you can give me a qoute on how much it will cost.
    Thank you and have a good day.

    • Hi Elsie, thanks for your inquiry. All reservation questions go through our accommodations team. I have forwarded your request on to them, and they can be reached at Thanks!

  2. Now that reservations are open – I’m trying to book a site at Lightning Lake but it’s still not available. I assume that’s because it is closed due to snow still, but surely that won’t be the case at the end of July (when I’m trying to book). When will I be able to book?

    • Hi Frank, as we understand it, there are issues with the Discover Camping system where it doesn’t appear you can reserve camping in Manning Park at this time. They are working to resolve this issue, when you will hopefully be able to book for later this summer!

      • NOTE: I have tried to post a comment 3 times and frustrated with a “GO AWAY SPAMMER” response. Getting more and more frustrating..

        We received an email on Sunday saying that our reservation for camping on July 1-5th has been cancelled. We called Discover Camping and they did not know why because all they could see from their end was that it was closed ALL summer due to “tree hazard”. We booked back in February and are very distressed because this is our only family vacation for the summer! No one has responded to our email.

        • Hi Janice, all three of your comments went through. They do not get posted automatically as we respond to them before approving them.

          • Thank you!

            Just wanted to be sure you are aware that the response I got when submitting a comment was “Go Away Spammer” vs something a little more applicable….

          • I see, sorry for how it may have appeared. I believe it is an anti-spam device to try to prohibit people from multiple repeated postings! We’ll look into it.

  3. Good morning
    I am just inquiring if the Skyline 1 trail still has snow on it.

    • Hi Steff, the most up to date information for trails can be found in the BC Parks trail report, on our Maps & Stats page here:
      At the moment, it is reported that there is snow on the trail.

  4. I made a reservation for a cabin on your website for June 27 for a week, and now need to cancel, but do not know how. I have emailed and phoned, but no reply. With your 30-day cancellation policy, I’m concerned I’ll miss it. Is there a way to confirm my cancellation? Thanks.

    • Hi Jennifer, I have passed along your concerns to our accommodations department who will be in touch regarding your reservation. Sorry for the delay!

  5. Hello
    We booked Lightening Lake for camping July 1-5th and received an email on Sunday saying it has been CANCELLED. We called Discover Camping and they said they did not know other than ALL of manning will be unavailable for camping due to “tree hazard”. We booked this in February and are very distressed because this is our only family vacation all summer. There is no number to call and no one has responded to our emails.

    • Hi Janice, it’s our understanding that an email went out to all reservations within Manning Park stating that Hampton campground was closed due to hazard trees. This was sent out in error to reservations in other campgrounds in Manning Park as well, including Lightning Lake. Although Hampton will stay closed for the foreseeable future due to significant tree hazards, other campgrounds are not affected, so your reservation at Lightning Lake should still be valid. We encourage you to still confirm your reservation either through your Discover Camping login, or by calling them at 1-800-689-9025. BC Parks also said they were going to send an additional email clarifying the misleading email.
      Hope that helps!

  6. Hi there, can I make reservation for cabin on 5th june? I can see that it will be availale at that time on your website. Thank you and please let me know.

    • Hi there, we have just announced that we are reopening for June 4th, so you are welcome to make a reservation if it is available! Look forward to welcoming you back to Manning Park Resort!

  7. Hello,

    I am wondering if the resort restaurant will be open by June 5? I have reserved a cabin with my family for that weekend.

    Thank you!

  8. I know this will be directed to Info Manning; however, I have an existing reservation for a chalet in the middle of August. I sent an inquiry email on Monday and received the automatic response that does not seem to have been updated since March. Given that it is now the end of May and Hotels and Lodges have been given the okay to reopen staring June (with some restrictions), I suggest that the email automatic response be updated. I certainly hope the room manager is still not checking the email and voicemail sporadically.

    My family are looking very forward to staying at the Lodge in August.

    • Hi there, thank you for your feedback regarding our automatic message. While we have been closed, our response time has been delayed, but we are ramping up as we prepare to re-open June 4th. We are working our way through our emails and messages. We will be reopening our Front Desk for 24hour service starting June 4th so you are welcome to call us at that time at 604-668-5922 if you have any other questions.

  9. Hello!

    We are wanting to book lightning lake but there is an error coming up saying that it’s closed due to snow.

    Is Lighting lake still closed? Are Cold Spring and Mule Deer the only sites opening for the season as just stated on your Facebook page?

    • Hi Jaimie, thanks for your question. Although Lightning Lake will be opening this summer, we do not have an estimated opening date for it yet, so the reservations on Discover Camping have not been opened yet. We do not have an updated time for when reservations will be open, but you can check for updates on this website:

  10. Hello, I am looking to rent a kayak this weekend. It says the boathouse is closed at 4pm. Does that mean we have to return the kayak by 4 or can we use it till sunset? Thank you.

    • Hi there, typically you are able to keep the kayak later than our opening times and return the key to the front desk, however, this is unavailable until our Front Desk is open on June 4th, after which it will be available.

  11. I am trying to find out how to confirm my reservation July 2-5th for a cabin at the resort. I have sent emails and left messages over the past week but have not received any response. Can you help?

    • Hi there, while we have been closed, our response time has been delayed. We are working our way through our emails and messages and will be in touch. We will be reopening our Front Desk for 24hour service starting June 4th so you are welcome to call us at that time at 604-668-5922.

  12. How do we cancel reservations? I have sent emails and left phone messages to cancel an August reservation but have not gotten a response.

    • Hi there, while we have been closed, our response time has been delayed. We are working our way through our emails and messages and will be in touch. We will be reopening our Front Desk for 24hour service starting June 4th so you are welcome to call us at that time at 604-668-5922.

  13. We would like to book a cabin if possible June 11-14 but would like to know what amenities/activities will be open.

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