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Maureen Mol

We’ve spent many vacations at Manning Park over the years and each trip has special memories. From our first camping trip when we borrowed my Dad’s truck & camper to Thanksgiving weekend camping with friends that included potluck turkey dinners, biking up Windy Joe and more recently staying at the Lodge and hiking the many trails. On one of our summer vacations, our truck broke down as we were driving into Lightning Lake campground. We managed to limp into a campsite and the next day, the gentleman in the campsite across from us came over had a look. He suspected it was the alternator. We knew my Mom was planning to take the Greyhound bus from Mission to Penticton in a few days so we rode our bikes to the Lodge to phone her and ask her to buy an alternator, which she did. When the bus pulled into the Lodge a few days later, we were there to meet it and get the alternator from Mom. She was in her eighties at the time and the alternator was a little heavy for her but that’s what moms do to help their kids! Our campsite neighbour loaned us some tools and we, non-mechanically inclined folks, installed it. It didn’t solve the whole problem but we were able to get home.

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