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Manning Park’s Favourite Lookout: Open for 2022!

Many have been anticipating the opening, and we can finally say that Cascade Lookout is now open for the 2022 summer season! Come see the best views, accessible to all.


This breathtaking view is a favourite for many of our visitors, and it’s only a 30 minute drive from Manning Park Resort (no hiking required!). 

Located across the highway directly opposite from the resort, turn left at the first intersection and drive up to the lookout point to take in stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. 

The lookout is open 24/7, so while camping is not permitted, we encourage visiting at night for arguably the best stargazing in the park.

JULY 14, 2022 – UPDATE: Blackwall Road is now open to the public!

We thank you for your patience while we waited for the trails to melt out, and allowing bears access to critical habitat. 

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  1. Wildflowers and is there snow at the top?

    • Hi Rich, our Alpine Meadows are not open quite yet. The Cascade Lookout is open, and the road to Dry Ridge is open, but the parking lot is closed.
      We will provide updates when we can open more of the road.

  2. Good evening,
    Is there still snow at the lookout?

    • Hi Marne,

      Our Cascade Lookout is open and has no snow! The road up to Dry Ridge is open, but not past Dry Ridge currently.

  3. Hi, just wondering if there is any updates on the opening date for Heather trail to Buckhorn Camp?

    • Hi Frederick, the snow has melted, but BC Parks will be evaluating the trails going into next week. We will post updates as soon as they’re given to us.

  4. Are the parking lots at the top of Blackwall Road open yet? We are planning on hiking to the First Brother via the Heather Trail on Monday, July 18th?

    • Hi Shiela, it is not open quite yet, but Parks will be re-evaluating this weekend. There is no guarantee it will be open for Monday, but there is a chance.

  5. Are the parking lots open at Blackwall Road yet?

    • Hi Paula, they are now open.

  6. hi, just wondering if the parking lot is open for Cascade Lookout? if yes, how many parking spots there? can you stay overnight at the parking lot? Also, can you provide me the driving direction to the parking lot?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Paula, it is open. You can fit about 8-10 cars in the parking lot, but you cannot stay overnight.
      You get on Highway 3, and once you see the turnoff for Manning Park Resort, turn into the opposite side and follow Blackwall Road up.

  7. Hi there,

    I’m wondering if Blackwell road is drivable with a low-clearance 4WD vehicle, or if a truck is required?


    • Hi Brett, a truck is not required to get up the road. A low-clearance 4WD vehicle would do just fine.

  8. Wondering what the ride up is like, is a 4×4 vehicle required to make it up

    • Hi Sukh, you don’t need 4×4 to get up to the lookout. Once you get past Cascade Lookout, the road turns to gravel but is still drivable with any type of car.

  9. Hello, I’m wondering if the Alpine meadows are still in bloom and what the snow situation might be late August to mid-September as we are thinking of coming up from Vancouver for a few days. Also if the Cascade Lookout road will still be open during this time or closed by snow? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Jennifer, the Alpine Meadows have bloomed and there is no snow remaining. Cascade Lookout is expected to be open during that time.

  10. Hello, wondering if there is a closing date for the alpine meadows and Blackwell road this season? Thank you!

    • Hi Katelyn, The Alpine Meadows and Blackwall is open at the moment, and we expect it to stay open till end of October if the weather allows. Check our website for all the latest weather updates.

  11. Hi,

    Is the lookout still open after the recent forest fires in the area? What is the situation there for stargazing?

    • Hello Srinivas,
      Yes, the lookout is open. Manning park resort and surrounding areas are no longer under fire-alert.

  12. Hello, are the Alpine Meadows and Blackwall roads open at the end of October?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Chris,
      The Alpine Meadows and Blackwall are open at the moment. It’s weather dependent, but they usually stay open till the end of Oct.
      Thank you

  13. Hi there, is it true that you are now locking the gate to block access to Cascade lookout at 11pm? Will you leave the gates unlocked this weekend so folks can enjoy the annual Perseid meteor shower?

    • Hello Andrew, The gates remain open all summer. Hope you were able to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower.

  14. Hi is this lookout open right now? If it is when is it going to stop opening 24/7? I’m trying to stargaze overnight and might get some sleep in the car. Is it going to be considered as camping?

    • Hello, Yes the Cascade Lookout is open. The Blackwall road is also open if you want to explore the Alpine-meadows area for stargazing.

  15. Hi, Is the Blackwall parking lot still accessible by car this weekend (Sept 30th to Oct 2nd 2023), or has it now closed for the season? We are thinking of parking there and doing an overnight hike to Buckthorn camp.

    • Good afternoon Geoff, yes, the Blackwall Road and parking lot will be open this upcoming long weekend. Have a wonderful camping trip!

      • Thank you!

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