Manning Nordic Ski Club - Year Round Family Friendly Resort
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Manning Nordic Ski Club

Want a discount on race entries? Want a discount on day passes to ski at Manning Park? Want to order cool gear with bear paws on it? Register for the Manning Nordic Ski Club.

Our main goal for this club is to build a Nordic Community. We’re hoping that we can work with you to help you meet your goals as well.

Having a Nordic Club also allows us to put on races and events sanctioned by CCBC and CCC (now Nordiq Canada or NC).

If you are already a member of another ski club you receive a $19 discount off membership. Just use the same email address you used for the first ski club.

Cost of Membership in the Manning Nordic Ski Club for the season:

Perks of being in the Manning Nordic Ski Club:

  • $5 off entry into Manning Nordic Races
  • 25% off Manning Nordic day trail tickets
  • Feeling good about supporting Nordic Races at Manning
  • Option to buy Manning Nordic Ski Club Gear – Interested in Clubwear? Seen other club members wearing something you wish you had too? Ask us about putting in an order!

Join and build a cross country ski community to facilitate great trail skiing, training, skill development and fun!


Become a Member of the Manning Nordic Ski Club

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  1. How do you sign up? When you buy pass or trail ticket?

    Online option for membership?

  2. Thanks link worked

  3. Hi, that’s a dead link for signing up for the Nordic ski club. Is there a fresh link?

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