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Major Improvements coming to Manning Park Resort – updated photos!

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Five New Cabins and Fresh Pavement (2017)

Five premium cabins are to be built this summer, with a planned total of 25 new cabins to be constructed over a 5-year period.

Complete road paving will be done around the Resort from the highway exit to the Pinewoods building.

Guests will enjoy the finished renovations and refurbishing of Pinewoods Dining Room and accommodations.

Kevin Demers, owner of Manning Park Resort, announced these major capital improvements scheduled for this spring at Manning Park Resort.

Resort guests have frequently requested more cabin accommodations, particularly in peak seasons; “We turn away a lot of families during our busy seasons,” Demers says referencing both outdoor recreation visitors as well as the growing number of weddings at the Resort. “The ‘cabin market’ is growing more popular every year.”

“Gathering your family or friends to stay in a cabin in a beautiful park is an incredibly Canadian experience and it creates life-long memories,” adds Mike Barker, general manager of Manning Park Resort. “We are delighted to announce the short term plan of 5 new cabins starting immediately, with a longer plan of building 25 in total.”

The new premium cabins will sleep up to 12 people, with 2 complete bathrooms. They will each feature a loft and a large covered deck. Most cabins will be located near Windy Joe’s Hall, with some planned around the existing cabins.

Work begins this week on the premium cabins with the first footings and foundations being poured. Demers plans a phased approach to building the cabins, scheduling 5 cabins to be built per year, over the span of 5 years. By the time all the cabins are finished, the total investment just in that area alone will exceed $2 million.

The anticipated completion date for the first five cabins is the fall of 2017.

The second large project moving forward this month is the paving of the area around the Resort between the highway exits, including around the Alpine Room and Pinewoods building.

This project represents a significant investment of $150 000, but as Mike Barker, the general manager states, “with the huge amount of traffic passing through, we recognized that this is an essential upgrade. Not only will this improve our summer and winter access, but motorcyclists will definitely breathe a sigh of relief when it’s completed!”

These developments come hot on the heels of the recently completed Alpine Room, a 3500 square foot function room addition to the Pinewoods building. With a capacity of 200 people, its main purpose as a function room for weddings, corporate meetings and other group events has been well received.

Further upgrades to infrastructure around the Resort include floor and ceiling refurbishments in the Pinewoods Dining Room, as well as updates and repairs to accommodations and pool facilities.

All Resort facilities will remain open during upgrades. GM, Mike Barker adds, “We are working hard to keep Manning Park Resort your premier destination for year-round fresh air experiences. Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve it!”

When asked about the effect of these significant investments, Kevin Demers commented, “We need to tell the world west of Manning Park that we are here and we have a lot to offer.”

Plans for the new cabins will be coming soon! Please see our Operation Notes regarding the renovations and upgrades here:

Come up to check out the progress throughout the summer!

Plans designed by:

Raymond S. Bonter, Designer Ltd.
“Trusted Leader in Home Design for Over Half a Century”

June 23, 2017
June 23, 2017
June 23, 2017



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  1. This is so exciting!! When will we be able to make a reservation for the new cabins??

    • Hi Cindy! Glad you are excited! We are not taking reservations of these cabins as yet. The works have only just begun this week and it is a projected completion date only. Once we have confirmed available dates and pricing structure in place we will follow our usual wait list procedure for available dates.
      We look forward to updating you on the progress!

  2. Are there any architectural renderings of the new layout available? Curious to see how this will add onto the existing resort. Very exciting!

  3. This is fantastic news!! Cannot wait to see the new cabins!

  4. We are booked in the Lodge over the Christmas period this year , maybe depending on the price a new cabin would be nice! I wonder what the waiting list would be for one??

  5. Wow! What a great Idea to build new cabins!!!! well needed i’m sure. our families visited in the 70s and 80s for 16 years consecutively to ski and tent on lighting lake. winter memories was spent in the cabins and Chalets. Bumber skiing behind the station wagon on the cabin roads !!!! lol
    drinking beer in the naturalist hut and hanging underwear in the hotel lobby !!

    Congrats to invest for the next generation to share a memorable marvelous place.

    Bell and Konst Families
    Richard Bell

  6. I am glad to see the Park and Resort getting some of the TLC it deserves. Manning Park really is one of the jewels in the BC Provincial Parks system. Well done Manning Park Resort!

  7. Wonderful to see the all these new improvements at the resort! Congratulations on turning around the resort and making it into something really special.

  8. Fingers crossed you try and keep the charm and accessible prices for everyone with these improvements. We love this about the resort! Hopefully we will still be able to afford staying with you every year like we have done for 40 years! Please not another destination for the wealthy…

  9. So glad you are updating. We have stayed there a few times and love it, but it does need a refresh. Was pleasantly surprised to drive in and find fresh pavement!

  10. Great news and congratulations on these updates and improvements. I am so excited to see that there will be new cabins for smaller groups. Our family has been coming to Manning and staying at the Last Resort, for the past 23 years. We always come up on the Monday of the August long weekend and have a fantastic 3 days. We are looking forward to gathering together again in two weeks time. Patrizia Rossi

  11. would prefer to see the company invest more in the ski area and lifts instead of building more expensive accommodations for wealthy people , or better yet don’t spend any money and keep the lift ticket prices low and the crowds can stay in whistler…..just my two cents!

    • Hi Chris, thank you for your feedback. In addition to building and renovating our accommodations at the Resort, we have also spent a significant amount on maintaining and updating our ski hill infrastructure. We look forward to continuing to improve the ski experience at Manning Park Resort for you!

  12. Looks like the new cabins are almost done! Any opening eta cor them?

  13. Who is the general contractor?
    So great to have family sized cabins

    • Barclay-Fletcher did these ones, to complement our existing cabins that sleep anywhere from 8-14 people.

  14. What does a new cabin rent for How soon would one have to book for August or are they taken

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