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Ian Lucke and Brittany Warfield

A very in love Australian couple decided to pack up their lives and move to Canada to work and travel and what better place to end up than Manning Park. One day, Ian pulled Britt away from work on a beautiful blue bird sky day to ride the Orange Chair to the top of the mountain to take in the ‘views’.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain Ian was determined to find someone to take a photo of them, he wanted to capture the moment so changed the camera to film. Britt was confused as to what they were filming so she started dancing around like a crazy person, it was then when she turned to see Ian on his knee with everyone else on the mountain and chair lift cheering and clapping. She, of course said a very big YES after crying and kicking him to get off his knee as she was so embarrassed everyone was watching.

We have a very big soft spot for Manning Park and will forever remember that beautiful day on the top of Orange.

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