Golden Larches on Mount Frosty - Year Round Family Friendly Resort
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Golden Larches on Mount Frosty

golden larch trees

It’s that time of year again when the larch trees on Mount Frosty turn their beautiful golden colour!

The trees are now in full ‘golden bloom’ and it is prime time to hike up the mountain to see them in all their glory. The weather is looking fantastic and sunny for the foreseeable future.

What are larch trees? They are one of the only coniferous, deciduous trees. This means the needles on this tree change colour seasonally and fall off. At the end of September to early October, the 2000+ year-old larch trees on Mount Frosty turn to gold and are truly a sight to behold! Don’t wait too long, as the trees will start dropping their needles mid-October.

Share your golden larch tree photos on Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #ManningParkLarches!

Get some great tips on hiking the trail from Happiest Outdoors:

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  1. Spent this last week in Manning and it was beautiful as usual. This year we hiked Mt Frosty to see the Larches totally worth the hike they were beautiful.
    If it is ok to make a suggestion for the lodge area we would like to suggest that at the dog area by the lodge it would be great if some picnic tables were added. We found it impossible to find a place to sit where our dogs were allowed. Tables would really be appreciated.

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