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Angela Painter

My most magical day in Manning was a trip I shared with my 19 year old son on October, 13, 2015.

I insisted on visiting Frosty on this specific day, I was really keen on catching the golden larches in colour before the first snow fall!

The problem being, I couldn’t find a last minute hiking partner.

My husband insisted that I would not be hiking this 22km. trail alone, he suggested I ask our teenage son to join me.

So that conversation went something like this: “Cody would you like to join me to find the golden larches?”

Cody: “Sure Mom, how far?”
Do I even need to pack a lunch?”
Me: “Yes….it’s 22km. but trust me, it will be worth it!”

The next day, bags are packed, we head up to Manning. My son loves classical music, this is what is playing on my stereo on our ride from Chilliwack. The weather is supposed to be crystal clear. We arrive to a trail socked in with very dense fog! The first few HOURS of hiking were in this very depressing cloud. But since we drove all the way there, I continued to encourage Cody to carry on.
Everyone else on the trail seems to be turning around, the weather was just too sketchy, they assume that there will not be any view at the peak.

I plead with Cody for a half hour, let’s just get up to the ridge! He agrees, though he’s a somewhat out of shape retired hockey player.

Finally we hit the ridge, literally we burst through the thick, grey clouds to a perfectly clear blue sky above the ridge!!! It was the most AMAZING inversion I’ve ever seen!! Cody was now stoked to continue to the peak, he had no desire to turn around at this point! It really was the coolest sight!

We celebrated at the peak, took numerous pictures, truly soaked in this amazing moment.

The funny part of my story?!

When we were driving home, Cody admitted to me: “Mom, I thought that you were taking me to the Golden ARCHES, as in we were heading up to a McDonalds”

Oh geez Cody!!! I laughed! And then I did what any good Mom would do and I stopped in Hope, at the McDonalds and bought my teen a Big Mac!!!

That would be my most amazing memory of Manning!

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