Naturalist Programs: Beaver Tales

BEAVER TALES Find out more about Canada's best engineer! These dedicated rodents have shaped Manning's habitat for years. Come and find out why they work so hard. Location: Rein Orchid […]

Naturalist Programs: Mission to the Alpine

Lighting Lake Amphitheatre , Canada

MISSION TO THE ALPINE Will Yolanda the Yellow Bellied Marmot make it up to the Alpine to rescue her cousin Harvey? Who will she meet along the way? Find out […]

Manning Park Naturalist Programs: Insects Galore

Lightning Lake , Canada

INSECTS GALORE Discover what makes an insect an insect, learn about some common insects and see what insects you can find! DATE: June 10 TIME: 2 pm LOCATION: Lightning Lake […]

Manning Park Naturalist Programs: The Fungus Among Us

THE FUNGUS AMONG US The world of fungus is wild and wacky place! Discover the secrets of Manning's "Underground"! DATE: Saturday, June 10th TIME: 8 pm LOCATION: Lightning Lake Amphitheatre […]

Manning Park Naturalist Programs: Wildflower Walk

WILDFLOWER WALK It's tough up top! Join us for a look at Manning's beautiful wildflowers! Discover how all the organism up top meet the subalpine challenges. DATE: Sunday, June 11th […]