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Aaron Kostka Smith

For my wife and I, Manning Park has always been a cherished place deep inside our hearts. As children we both made family trips which often included camping, canoeing, skiing and enjoying Lightning Lakes day area.

One of our favorite memories that has created a yearly tradition was our first camping trip where our relationship first started May Day long weekend 2004. Every year following that, we would plan a trip to Manning, to rekindle our fond memories always trying to start the camping year off with a camping excursion to one of the four campgrounds in the park.

In 2018 we got married at Lightning Lakes with a beautiful ceremony. We were granted the privilege of sharing this place we loved with those around us and to officiate our marriage against the picturesque backdrop of Mt. Frosty. The staff at the park resort was incredibly friendly, well organized and helped give us exactly the wedding we had hoped for and so much more. Whenever we stop in, we always try to say hi and catch up with Vern and Brent.

When I had heard that the orange chair lift was being replaced, and that there was a contest to win a chair I entered, but did not win. My wife, understanding the memories I had as a kid skiing with my dad at Manning, quickly went into action and organized a group of people to try to claim one of the chairs the morning they became available. Even though they went like hotcakes, she managed to secure multiple chairs – and settled on one which she gave me for my birthday.

As we currently have our first baby on its way, we look forward to bringing our little one to Manning, so that we can share our love of Manning into the little ones life and create fond memories that will last a lifetime.

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  1. I sure miss Andy and Sandy the park rangers I was up at mule deer campsite and didn’t see them, I hope there both doing well

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