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A Letter from Our GM, Vern Schram

 As I reflect over the past winter season, I am extremely grateful for the season we were able to provide as it was in serious doubt early on. As you know, there were significant challenges to overcome at the start of this past winter related to the atmospheric rivers and resulting road closures and travel restrictions, the ongoing COVID developments, supply chain issues and industry wide staffing shortages. With the support of our long-time partners, local heavy equipment operators and our resilient staff, we were able to complete the necessary repairs to the Alpine and Nordic areas and open our operations for our valued guests for winter operations on December 22/21.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who visited MPR this past winter for their support, patience and cooperation as we navigated through the various COVID mandates, the Christmas cold spell and a variety of other operational challenges. It was gratifying to hear all the positive feedback with the opening of the new BC Parks Skyview RV Campground and the renovations made to the Standard Cabins and Bear’s Den. We had hoped to have more cabin renovations completed for this past winter but supply chain issues and other factors beyond our control caused delays on this front. We hope to resume our planned upgrades as the ongoing supply chain issues become resolved.

If there is one thing I have learned over these past two years, it is that there is no such thing as “normal”. This is both exciting and concerning at the same time. The concerning portion is that a great deal of what we will be faced with is unknown or new to us. However, this is also very exciting as this allows us to venture into new territory and explore our operations with fresh views and new perspectives. We hope you will be excited as we are with the new opportunities that have, and will continue to present themselves to all us to provide our guests with improved experiences here at MPR.

Again, we thank you for your support in allowing us to provide you and your loved ones with a safe and memorable winter experience. Summer will soon be upon us with new and exciting adventures to be had, so please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Vern Schram

General Manager

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  1. Manning Park Resort is to be commended for providing us all another great winter season, especially given the many extra challenges which needed to be dealt with. Big congratulations and thanks to everyone at the resort for their part in pulling it off.

    Something that I’m sure many people are wondering about for the next season is whether or not there will be work done on restoring the the lower section of the Bunny Hill and getting the tee-bar back in operation. Is there any thought of replacing the old handle tow with a magic carpet? That would be huge in attracting families with young children to Manning, as it would make things so much easier for both those learning to ski/board and for those teaching them.

    • We are currently in the planning stages for having the t-bar opened up for next season. Our engineers have been working on solutions.

      In terms of the magic carpet, we are currently exploring this option but we are likely 2 seasons away from having it in place for our guests. There is a great deal of further repairs from the November atmospheric rivers that need to be addressed prior to the next winter season, and they take priority over the carpet.

      Fear not, we have many plans in the works for upgrades to Alpine!

  2. Thank you MPR for a fantastic season. I am a season’s pass holder and snowshoer and while there was a delayed start due to circumstances (many) truly beyond your control, once the winter season started your incredible management and staff looked after us, the customer, with good old fashioned, old school, customer service (polite communication, cheerful, helpful and go-to attitude etc) which is a rare bird these days. I was proud to tell many people about my weekly and more jaunts to Manning and think I recruited some new members all of which will pay it forward. Thank you for another great winter fun season. My only regret? It’s over ’til next year! Christine Camilleri

    • We’re so glad you enjoyed your time here, Christine! We can’t wait to have you back.

  3. Had a wonderful first winter camping experience at Skyview Campground in our 4 season RV! It was so much fun snowshoeing with our dogs, trying the Polarcoaster Tube Park. I felt like a kid again getting a push from your friendly staff to get maximum speed!

    I just might apply for a position so I can experience an extended stay up at Manning in my RV!

    • We’re thrilled you had such a good time.
      Check out our Work at Manning page for all open positions!

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