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Wow, what an overwhelming response to the sale!

Wow, what an overwhelming response to the sale!

Congratulations! We broke the website.

We are so sorry for the challenges that our form posed for the sale this morning. Despite the efforts that we made in advance to fortify the system to allow for the expected volume, we were definitely overwhelmed by the positive response to it! This caused our system to crash, although it did allow for some payments to be completed.

Well, I guess it’s pretty amazing that there’s that many people that love Manning Park right?

We did our best to try stay on top of it, but I know there must have been some panicked moments. We apologize for any stress this has caused!

If your payment went through for the First Come First Serve Sale, your name is on the following list.

If your name is not on the following list and if you had any issues with the sale form this morning, please send us a private message to let us know what name and time you were accessing the form. Email to

 Aaron Tuski
 Andrea Kostkova
 Andrew Binder
 Andrew Clark
 Angela Bennett
 anthony Metzler
 Ashika Parsad
 blair macisaac
 Bob Almasi
 Brandon Kelley
 Brent Gilmore
 Carol Dickson
 Carol Painter
 Curtis Fast
 Darin Carmichael
 Dave Anderson
 Dennis Heth
 Doug Shiratti
 Duncan Dowling
 emma raglin
 Grant Burkitt
 Ian Dickey
 James Rogers
 Jeff Ware
 jeffrey warke
 Jenna Webb
 Jesse Flach
 Jim Mackay
 Joe Walls
 Joel Brideau
 Jonathan Shergold
 Jordan Drewery
 Josh Alexander
 Kelly Bellefleur
 Kevin Koopmans
 Kolten Smith
 Kristy Mcdonald
 Margaret Turner
 Matt Heemskerk
 Matthew Kingma
 Melissa Cook
 Michael Bajuk
 Nicole Hoeppner
 patrice van nieuwkerk
 Randy Koufalis
 Ryan Morasiewicz
 Sandi Serruys
 Sheldon Marche
 Sherie Seddon
 Susan Aitchison
 Todd Avison
 Travis Rogers
 Trevor Morgan
 Trina Peters


Thank you to all the Manning Park community for the overwhelming response to this sale!


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