Winners of the #IRodetheOrangeChair Photo & Story Contest - Year Round Family Friendly Resort
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Winners of the #IRodetheOrangeChair Photo & Story Contest

Drum roll please… here are the winners of the #IRodetheOrangeChair Photo & Story Contest!

Gordon Gilgan with a lifetime of Manning memories and multiple generations since 1965. We loved your entry, Gordon!

Sharon Christian and the Taipalus family. Through ski lessons and school trips, the Taipalus family brought thousands of people to know and love Manning as much as their family does.

Stan & Lynn Hussey – this is our staff favourite pick! An engagement proposal in a snowstorm? That definitely made us fall in love with the story too!

Thank you to all our contest entries. Believe us, it was not an easy choice to make! The level of heartfelt emotion that was put into the stories was felt deeply while reading them. We truly understand how much love there is for this place called Manning Park, and we share it too.

… they were so good, we do have some runner-up prizes that we will be announcing this week as well… (sorry no chair!)

If you really wanted to get that coveted Orange Chair, get ready for the First Come, First Serve Sale tomorrow, March 22nd at 9am! Learn how to prep for the sale here. 

And if you’d like to wait for the auction for charity, check it out here to see the details!

The dates of the Auction are: 
Auction 1: March 23 at 8am to March 30 at 8pm:
Auction 2: April 1 at 8am to April 6 at 8pm.

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