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Refundable Season Pass Option – Family Pass Add-On


Purchase the Manning Park Refundable Season Pass Option and be covered for a pro-rated refund on your pass in the event of illness or injury. No refunds will be considered for season passes, unless Manning Park Refundable Season Pass Option is purchased.

The Refundable Pass Option is available for $49 per pass or $79 for a family pass. This Refundable Season Pass Option may be used to cover injury, illness or pregnancy which prevents the use of pass for a specified portion of the season; as well as work transfer to a location that is inaccessible to use of the Season Pass.

  • This is NOT snow guarantee.
  • This does not cover:
    • non-participation caused by or contributed to by intentional self-injury;
    • non-participation due to emotional disorders or pre-existing conditions unless you are hospitalized; or
    • any injury or sickness that does not prevent the participation of skiing.

This Refundable Season Pass Option must be purchased at the time of season pass purchase and the cost of insurance is non-refundable. The Refundable Season Pass Option refund is managed by month. If applying for a refund due to one of the reasons covered by the Refundable Season Pass Option, you are eligible for the following refund:

  • Prior to Season start 100%;
  • Prior to December 31: 75%
  • Prior to January 31: 50%;
  • Prior to February 28: 25%;
  • After March 1: 0%

To make a claim:

  • To make a claim for your Refundable Pass Option, you must complete a Refundable Pass Option Claim and email to seasonpass@manningpark.com. Your claim request will be considered from the date that the claim is submitted.
  • In the event of illness, injury or pregnancy, a doctor’s note is required stating the prognosis, and states that the illness, injury or pregnancy will prevent participation and for what length of time.
  • For a work transfer situation, a letter from your employer is required stating the date and length of relocation.
  • If your Claim is approved, a refund will be provided to you.

*This Refundable Season Pass Option policy does not apply to March or April of the previous season for the following winter season passes

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