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Mountain Bike Trail Info

We’ve updated some of our mountain bike trail information to help you get those wheels turning. Check it out here:

For questions on trails and conditions, contact the Manning Park Visitor Centre at 604-668-5953. Now open 7 days a week!

Happy trails!

Bike Courtesy & Safety

• You are biking in a provincial park. Trail use is subject to the BC Parks Act.

• All designated bike trails in Manning Park are two-way, multi-use trails. You may encounter hikers or horses at any time. Always be aware of other users and allow the right of way.

• Biking on these trails is at your own risk. These trails are in their natural state and may have natural obstacles and hazardous terrain.

• Please stay off all trails not designated for bikes.

• Always ride in control and within your ability level.

• Pre-Ride Check your Bike & Yourself The weather in the mountains can change rapidly. Wear and bring appropriate clothing, footwear and be prepared for unpredictable weather changes. Carry drinking water and snacks. Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

• Please note there is no cell service in the park.

• Pack out what you pack in! You are riding in a provincial park so please, respect the area by not littering.

• Avoid Wildlife conflicts. Know which animals are in the area and how to react if you cross their path. Help us keep our wildlife wild and safe by NOT offering them food. If you encounter a wild animal, for your safety, do not attempt to feed or approach any wildlife. Stay calm and please keep a respectful distance.

(July 2, 2018)

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