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Cell Service Coverage Comes to Highway #3

July 20, 2018

Cell Service Coverage Comes to Highway #3

Cell service has recently been activated between Hope and Princeton on Highway #3, effective early this summer.

With new Telus cellular micro-cells installed in Sunshine Valley, Manning Park and the East Gate community, the cell service provides short-range cellular coverage along the highway from Hope-Princeton.

Vern Schram, who has recently taken on the role of General Manager of Manning Park Resort, welcomes the improvements. “We are supportive of bringing cell service along the highway, as many people have safety concerns about driving Highway #3. We are hoping that this will alleviate apprehensions about driving it, because it really is a beautiful, scenic route to take to get to Manning Park Resort.”

“We’re estimating that it reaches about 500m on either side of the highway around the Resort,” he adds.

Manning Park Resort has long been known as a location to ‘get away from it all.’ Schram says the company motto is to support having “Fresh Air Experiences” at Manning Park Resort, and “we encourage our guests and families to create the experience they want while they are here, which may mean switching off your phone once you arrive.”

It is not expected that the coverage will reach beyond the highway corridor, so caution should still be used when travelling in the backcountry of E.C. Manning Park, as you may not be able to rely on cell reception for navigation or in the event of an emergency.

The recent re-paving efforts from Sumallo Flats to Allison Pass on highway #3 is also nearing completion.

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