Hope Mountain Centre: Wild Mushrooms
Oct 20 all-day

This program is hosted by Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning, and all questions and registration is through them.

For more information and to REGISTER, visit: www.hopemountain.org HMC-Logo

Join fungi expert, Sharmin Gamiet, on this easy valley-bottom hike beside the Skagit River, revealing the rotten world of mushrooms.

It’s often said that without mushrooms there can be no forests.  You’ll discover the many roles of fungi in sustaining diversity and healthy habitats in a forest ecosystem.  This program reveals the essential service decomposers play in cycling nutrients and the many symbiotic relationships they form with other living things. We will identify the beautiful and colourful mushrooms that appear in the Cascades during the autumn, from high-value gourmet foods to deadly poisons. The hike will follow the Skagit River Trail, where old-growth forests thrive and Spotted Owls still breed.  Here, the soils are deep and rich in organic debris, supporting a very healthy population of diverse fungi.